Tamzin Claire Merchant was born in the UK (Sussex), in 4 March 1987 but spent part of her childhood in Dubai. She attended Windlesham School and Brighton College, and had been planning to study at Nottingham University, when she was cast in Pride and Prejudice (2005) a year before finishing her A-levels.
After twice deferring university places to concentrate on her acting career, she was a student at Homerton College, Cambridge.
Tamzin has written several poems, including "Where Does Revenge Stop?" and "Ode to a Toilet", for Platforms Magazine.
Tamzin is a patron of the international development charity Build Africa.
Tamzin is most known for her role as Katherine Howard in The Tudors and for her role as Georgiana Darcy.


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Katherine’s letter to Culpeper shows that she was indeed in love with him in 1541 but David Starkey’s research in his 2004 Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII demonstrates that the physicality of their relationship was far less certain. It appears from the detail of her confession that all the couple got up to was some hand-holding and earnest sighing.

This fact- the fact of Katherine’s essential innocence- is often overlooked. She oddly, naïvely, believed that her husband was some sort of semi-divine being and she cautioned Culpeper not to speak of their relationship even in the confessional lest Henry find out that way. It may have been that she suspected the priest would inform Henry, but she may had simply believed that as Supreme Head of the Church, Henry would know the way that God knew.


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Tamzin Merchant - Salem (2014)


Tamzin Merchant - Salem (2014)

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Happy birthday to Tamzin Merchant !!!


Happy birthday to Tamzin Merchant !!!

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Poor Kathryn Howard. She lies in the cold ground next to me…poor child.

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Lizzie + Darcy - in which Georgiana is all of us

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